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Courier Service Express offers a wide range of effective logistics solutions in fields of express delivery, warehousing and brokerage. Our Company has been operating  in Russia since 1997. During that time it has successfully developed into one of the leading players on Russia’s express delivery market.  


+7 (495)748-77-48, 995-79-95, 540-50-05
  8 (800)555-1-444
Head Office
+7 (495)748-77-48, 995-79-95, 540-50-05
  8 (800)555-1-444
  • 18.04.2019

    Dear customers and partners,
    We're informing you about the days off in the Baltic republics:
    Latvia - April 19 and 22, 2019
    Lithuania - April 22, 2019,
    Estonia - April 19, 2019.
    Please consider this information when planning shipments.

  • 11.04.2019

    Dear customers and partners,
    Due to the unstable political situation in Sudan, delays in delivery and dispatch are possible in the country.
    Please take this information into consideration when planning shipments.

  • 10.04.2019

    Dear customers and partners,
    Due to the unstable political situation, the Courier Service Express company has suspended service for Libya.
    We will inform you about the renewal of the service.
    Please note this information.