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+7 (495)748-77-48, 995-79-95, 540-50-05
  8 (800)555-1-444
Head Office
+7 (495)748-77-48, 995-79-95, 540-50-05
  8 (800)555-1-444

Mail room arrangement

This service is intended for companies having a big staff and for solution of the following tasks given by a Customer:
- Processing of incoming/outgoing shipments (pickup, registration, sorting);
- Incoming shipments delivery to the Customer’s employees within the office;
- Handling of mail;
- Provision, control and timely furnishing of expendable materials;
- Mailing services cost optimization;
- Arrangement of internal correspondence delivery;
- Shipment monitoring;
- Quality control and processing time  of documents;
- Communication with Courier Service Express

Do not hesitate to request any additional information from the Courier Service Express in your city.