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+7 (495)748-77-48, 995-79-95, 540-50-05
  8 (800)555-1-444
Head Office
+7 (495)748-77-48, 995-79-95, 540-50-05
  8 (800)555-1-444

E-commerce services

A service on goods delivery and money payment receiving from a buyer is offered for online-stores and other distant trade companies.

Full range business solutions for the internet shops:

  • Safe keeping of goods,
  • Orders built-up and packaging,
  • Client support services,
  • Orders delivery,
  • Orders processing.
Client’s services:

The key criteria for an effective internet shop -  professional order processing of the placed orders. This is why our team of 100 call center staff workers would be able to provide your Internet shop customers with the positive experience and a quality feedback.
A controlled storage, that incorporates a temperature controlled environment.
Fulfillment. We will complete and package your order according to your company profile, personal preferences and wishes.
We will prepare all required en-route documentation
We will process return orders. We will check the order and will provide subsequent safe keeping of this order.
250 courier vehicles allow us to deliver goods using a next day service in Moscow and in St. Petersburg. Alternatively we have an option of an urgent – 2-4 hour delivery service.
A 160 Courier Service Express branches and representatives cover 23000 cities and towns. This guarantees an on-time delivery  throughout the entire Russia.
Do not hesitate to request any additional information from the  Courier Service Express in your city.