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+7 (495)748-77-48, 995-79-95, 540-50-05
  8 (800)555-1-444
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+7 (495)748-77-48, 995-79-95, 540-50-05
  8 (800)555-1-444

Warehousing services

Our company offers a full range of logistic services. From delivery and storage of goods at a particular address to a management of orders being placed and tracking of goods.

A full range logistic service provided by our company includes the following services:

  • Personal client logistic schemes
  • Door to door delivery service
  • Goods processing and re-packaging (packaging, labeling, shipment’s consolidation and etc.)        
  • Preparation of good’s packaging slips and en-route support documentation
  • Safe keeping of goods at the allocated address
  • Order’s build up from the allocated address
  • A consulting and Information services
  • A real time shipment tracking services. 
  • Package tracking services.
Do not hesitate to request any additional information from the  .Courier Service Express in your city.